About Me

Chef Manish Tyagi invites you to explore the world of contemporary “Haute” Indian

cuisine. Loaded with all technical information and advice, ranging from easy recipes to

in-depth articles about Indian food philosophy, This website is your one point source for

insights and elucidations into the cuisine and culture of India.

I hope to spread the healthful and aesthetic virtues of food from my native country

“India”, to the wider world. I live in California with my wife and two sweet little kids,

who are my inspiration to bring the best out me. I am a professional chef and living this

passion from my childhood while watching and helping my mother in kitchen then honed

my skills in culinary school.

Whether you are a beginner making Indian curry for the first time, an enthusiast looking

for buy various spices from Indian store, or are just curious about the origin of any dam

Indian food, you are in the right place.

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